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07 October 2007 @ 01:44 pm
Round #3 - Challenge 11 - results  

shizukuchan with -6 votes
(Congratulations on making it this far though :)

people's choice

spiffydaze with +8 votes

1: -6 +2
2: -2 +1
3: -3 +8


(let me know if i made any mistakes!)

1. 2. 3.

- The use of text there looks a bit corny to me. :/
- the yellow doesnt look good with the colour scheme of the picture.
- the text is too large and just does not fit the icon base.
- the text just doesn't work with the coloring on the rest of the icon. The yellow burst behind the text is very distracting/
- the text seems little odd and doesnt really fit the icon
- the texture clashes a bit with the image
+ (No reason given)
+ No reason given

- very nice coloring, and I do like the crop, but the first half of the icon seems a bit empty
- The cropping is kinda bland.
+ good coloring

+ Nice composition.
+ Love the crop
+ The cropping, colouring, everything is awesome
+ great colouring and cropping.
+ No reason given
+ No reason given
+ No reason given
+ it has the best concept of all, and finally some nice coloring and textures. :)
- it seems to crowded or cluttered. dont like the cropping
- the colouring is too red - which is unflattering to the picture - nice use of textures though
- white box and text don't compliment the icon

Nelly: mraz sunfestshizukuchan on October 7th, 2007 11:08 pm (UTC)
no surprise XD
but it's really cool to have come this far (seems that so far 3rd is the furthest I can get everywhere^^"), so thanks everyone for not voting me off in the past challenges! :D